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Student Accident Insurance 2016-2017





The Winfield School (“District”) complies fully with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), which affords parents/guardians (“parents”) and students who are at least age 18  (“eligible students”) the following rights:  read more

Earthquake Preparedness

Dear Lincoln County R-IV Parents and Guardians,

Missouri Revised Statute (RSMo 160.455) mandates the annual distribution of earthquake material, provided by the Federal Emergency management Agency (FEMA), the state emergency management agency or by agencies that are authorities in the area of earthquake safety, to the parents/guardians of the students of the school district.  read more

To help your family survive an earthquake, know what to do BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER a major quake strikes.


Inclement Weather Procedures

When the Winfield R-IV School District experiences inclement weather conditions, safety is the most important consideration.  Here are some answers to frequent inclement weather questions.

SNOW DAY SCHOOL CLOSURE:  When it is announced that the Winfield R-IV District Schools will close due to inclement weather, all schools in the district will close for that day.  The District makes every attempt to reach a decision regarding the closing of school by 5:00am.  However, many times the weather conditions change rapidly in the early morning hours that could cause a decision to be made at a later time.

EARLY DISMISSAL FOR SNOW:  On days that schools are dismissed early due to threatening or severe weather conditions, radio stations and television stations will be asked to announce the time schools will be dismissed.  Busses will depart from school at that time.

NOTIFICATION:  The Winfield R-IV School District will announce procedures for inclement  weather, including school closing, the use of snow schedule and early dismissal via the following media:

Radio Stations                                          Television Stations                                Twitter
KMOX (1120 AM)                                       CHANNEL 2 (KTVI/FOX)
KWRE (730AM )                                         CHANNEL 4 (KMOV/CBS)
                                                                    CHANNEL 5 (KSDK/NBC)

Parents will also receive a Global Connect voice notification message.  This message will be sent to your primary household phone number.  Your caller ID will display the school's main numbmer.  Important:  The successful delivery of information is dependent upon accurate contact information obtained from school records.  If your household and/or emergency contact information changes, please let your school registrar know as soon as possible.

If school is cancelled, school buildings and other school facilities will be closed.  Check for updates on activity cancellations on the district website, facebook and a possible Global Connect voice notification message.

New Federal Guidelines for Reporting Ethnicity and Race Data

The U.S. Department of Education requires all states to collect information on the race and ethnicity of public school students and staff.  The federal government has developed a new way to report enthnicity and race that includes new categories.  The changes should provide a more accurate picture of the nation's ethnic and racial diversity.  Beginning in the spring of 2010, families of all students will be asked to fill out a brief form to update the reporting of their children's ethnicity and race.

If I have alaready provided this information to the school system, why must I provide it again?
In the past, forms for reporting race and ethnicity to the federal government allowed individuals to be identified in only one racial category.The new form enables individuals to be identified in ethnice and racial classifications and in more than one racial category.  The federal government is requiring that ethnic and racial information for all students and staff be reported in this new way in order to reflect the nation's diversity more accurately.

How will the information be used?
The data with the new ethnicity/race categories will be used in the same manner that racial/ethnic data are currently used.  The new categories will replace the existing categories for use in all state and federally sponsored statistical data collections that include data on ethnicity or race. Some examples include student records and test results.

Who provides the infomation?
Parent will complete a brief form to identify their children's ethnic and racial identity.

When and how will the new information be gathered?
Winfield R-IV School District will follow the new federal guidelines beginning in the spring 2010.  The new form will be distributed to all schools.  The families of newly enrolled and all of the currently enrolled students will be asked to complete the form and return it to the school by April 12, 2010.

Ethnicity and race parent letter
Ethnicity and race form for students