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Grades K-2 Instructional Video Links

Grades 3-5 Instructional Video Links

  1. An inquiry group of students synthesize their findings on the clothing worn by Pilgrims and Cavaliers
  2. Assessment-based conferring to raise the level of narrative writing so the writer can convey events precisely
  3. Bringing close reading and accountable talk into an interactive read aloud of Gorillas
  4. Whole Class Instruction to support comparing and contrasting sources of information related to immigration
  5. Centers around the room in which students continue to compare and contrast work begun in the previous video
  6. Integrating 2 texts on Pilgrims - small group work
  7. Introducing a class to text-based debate
  8. Partners read an excerpt from "Old Yeller" closely: Interpretive text-based reading
  9. Peer conferring: Students teach each other to revise in order to orient their readers
  10. Readers reread and annotate to prepare for small group work
  11. Watch a small group conversation to see students tracing a theme across and within Bud, Not Buddy and Tiger rising
  12. Using a learning progression to help students lift the level of their summaries of information texts
  13. Using a learning progression to support self-assessment and writing about themes in literature: small group work
  14. A witing conference: Teaching a student to write for an audience
  15. Whole class instruction to help students read informational text fluently, with an eye towards main ideas and key details
  16. Whole class instruction to teach students to reread their information texts
  17. Whole class instruction in opinion writing and teaching for transfer as students move between persuasive speeches and petitions

Grades 5-8 Instructional Video LInks