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Winfield R-IV School District is located in the Southeast corner of Lincoln County.  Serving the incorporated towns of Winfield, Old Monroe, and Foley, the campus is located in Winfield, a rural area 15 miles North of interstate 70 at the intersection of highways 79 and 47.  The district is bordered by the Mississippi River to the East, the Cuivre River to the South, and is surrounded by rolling hills suitable for farming or scenic country living.

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Time to celebrate being a Winfield Warrior!!


Under MSIP 5, every school and school district in the state is awarded points based on its performance in five areas:

Academic achievement

Subgroup achievement (includes minority students, students with limited proficiency in English, students with disabilities, students eligible for free and reduced-price lunches and students receiving special education services)

College and career or high school readiness

Attendance rate

Graduation rate

Schools and districts receive a score based on the number of points earned out of the total number of points possible. A school district's overall score on multiple APRs is used to determine accreditation.

Accreditation levels:

Accredited with distinction: 90 percent and above plus additional criteria set by the State Board

Accredited: greater than or equal to 70 percent

Provisional: 50 percent to 69.9 percent

Unaccredited: 0 percent to 49.9 percent


WINFIELD RECEIVED 88.2%  (1.8% points away from accredited with distinction)  

123.5/140 possible points

Ms. Nancy Baker

Superintendent, Winfield School District


March Renovations

For many high school students, the Internet is a virtual playground.  About 1/3 of students report that they’re constantly connected to Facebook, and social media outlets including Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.  Some students are sharing large parts of their lives online.  Much of the content you’re sharing online is available worldwide to anyone with an Internet connection, and thanks to tools like caching and the Wayback Machine, they are likely to be permanent, creating a digital trail that can last a lifetime. That means embarrassing high school moments or lapses in judgment are no longer forgotten with time: they’re preserved online for the world to access, quite possibly forever.  If the digital footprint you’re building now may last a lifetime, consider this: is it one you’ll be proud to share for the rest of your life?  Click here for a guideline for an Online Reputation Management for High School Students

Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible


We, the staff and students in the Winfield School District, commit ourselves to working together to provide a school climate that promotes respect, responsibility, and safety in order to ensure a positive learning environment.